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Need car help? If you need how-to's for do it yourself auto repair, instructions to fix car components, or an online car repair guide, then this directory will help you out! There are hundreds and even thousands of automotive repair forums on the web that can offer you great help for virtually any vehicle. My goal is to save you time and make you more productive. You can find detailed help just a couple of clicks away. You will be able to spend more time working on your car, truck, or SUV and spend less time trying to figure out why your car won't start. I've made it easy by compiling an entire directory of automotive help forums by make and model. Whether you are a technician (mechanic) or not, you can find some simple troubleshooting steps, find car tips, standard car maintenance, and in-depth help from real mechanics and enthusiasts online. And it's free. Think of this website like a tool or a stack of car repair manuals at your fingertips. Just click on the forums tab then select the manufacturer of your choice or select the automotive manufacturer from the drop-down list above and you'll soon find the help you need.

As for replacing parts, it's a bummer to have to spend any money on a vehicle after you buy it and especially if you are still paying on it. Who wants to pay for a car that doesn't run? Not me. I've found some good part dealers that have a huge inventory of automotive components and listed them on the parts page. They offer good deals on replacement parts, upgrades, tires, and accessories. Some offer free shipping, a percentage off orders, and some match prices. So check them often.

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You can help out by giving comments and suggestions. If you know of a forum that may be more helpful for a specific model, please share it with us and we'll take a look. If you would email us and let us know your experiences, comparisons, and suggestions, we'd really appreciate it. Contact Us

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